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Redeye Baits are based in Lancashire and have been producing carp boililes for over 10 years . For the last 4 year we have built a solid reputation around producing quality HNV (High Nutritional Value) carp boilies that provide the carp with high quality proteins and the nutrition they require, by doing this we have produced boilies that carp will be naturally attracted to and the result of this is ecstatic carp anglers that are landing bigger and better fish.

Discerning carp anglers, appreciative of the quality ingredients, knowledge and time spent in developing our range of carp boilies. Our range consists of 4 summer baits and 2 winter baits with associated pop-ups, pastes and glugs - we believe it is better to have our efforts concentrated upon a few rather than on the many, to maximise their catch potential and success rate.

All our carp boilies are made with fresh using natural ingredients, no artificial or synthetic look-a-like ingredients whatsoever. All are made by hand and fresh to order so they arrive at your door in peak condition.

Enjoy and 'Tight Lines.'

Warterlily Lakes

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